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Are you wishing or required to comply with the terms of the Dutch regulations regarding waste electrical and electronic equipment? And do you want to create added value at the same time? Weee Nederland is a collective take-back system, registered with the government. On behalf of manufacturers and importers, we fulfil the requirements of the Dutch implementation of the European WEEE directive. Weee Nederland does this in a way that yields added value for people and the environment.


Weee Nederland organises the collection and recycling of waste electrical equipment (WEEE or commonly referred to as e-waste) in the Netherlands for its affiliated manufacturers and importers. We work together with local authorities, recyclers and other partners to accomplish this. Participation, innovation and efficiency are key values in the process. Our aim is clear-cut: added value for every link in the chain!

News and insights


On 24 April, the cabinet announced that it would largely adopt Urgenda measure 43 "refrigerator action plan". Weee Nederland worked out the return premium system for refrigerators on behalf of producers together with Urgenda in the past months. In the explanation of 11 May, the ministry now specifies that it has been decided to adopt the proposed return premium system (part 2) from the plan. The ministry thereby gives producers the opportunity to (re)introduce a visible recycling fee in order to guarantee solid financing for this system.


At all the recycling centres served by Weee Nederland and its partners, flatscreens and monitors will have to be collected separately from other e-waste. This is a new and logical measure from ILT. It is intended to prevent the equipment being damaged during transport, which could release harmful substances. Together with the local authorities and ILT, we have been working hard over recent months to find a practical solution.

“A word of our own, which sums up our values”


Made up of the words ‘vernieuwend’, ‘praktisch’ and ‘saamhorig’: innovative, practical and united. These are words which indicate what is important to us. How we want to think and act. They give us direction and show who we are. Everything we think up has to be practically applicable, innovative and valuable to our partners. Read on >