Registration products

The Dutch legislation obliges producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment to provide for the collection and recycling of the appliances they introduce to the market when these appliances are discarded. They must register with the government for this.

Domestic use

Almost every appliance eventually breaks or is replaced. When that happens, not all consumers take their unwanted appliances to the recycling centre. Often, an old torch or electric toothbrush first lies forgotten in a drawer, or a worn-out vacuum cleaner ends up in a corner of the attic. And many appliances are thrown out with non-recyclable waste. It’s a shame, because through recycling all appliances can get a second life.

Collection of e-waste

Consumers can take their appliances to the recycling centre or hand them in at shops. Weee Nederland also believes in local collection at, for example, schools.  This increases awareness among adults and children. They are actively involved, thereby ensuring that more appliances can be recycled. That is why we, together with our partners, organise collection campaigns such as the E-waste race.

Sorting e-waste

From the recycling centre, shops and other collection points, e-waste goes to the sorting centres. There it is sorted and prepared for transport to specialised processors. By having this work done by people with a disadvantage in the labour market, we offer these people a fresh opportunity.


The specialised processors turn the sorted waste into raw materials for new products. This makes the circle complete, and together we contribute to a sustainable economy.